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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chefs Limited Tea Kettle Product Review

This tea pot is super cute and I love the design. Unfortunately, mine must have been used or at least unboxed before being sent to me. There is a ding in the side of the tea pot (about the size of a quarter). I was planning on giving it as a gift and now had to keep it for myself because of the blemish. Other than that, the design is attractive and functional.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Pink Front Pocket Long

This sweater is pretty, it's a very pale pink. It fits my 9 year old daughter and looks great with her leggings. I thought when I ordered that it would be for an adult - but either it's a very small adult sweater or it's truly intended for a child.


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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Product Review: Easy@Home 8 Ovulation +2 Pregnancy test sticks Campaign

There's a few things I really like about these tests:
1) They are nice and large so you don't have to deal with tiny test strips that may be hard to handle
2) The instructions are very clear and easy to read as well as understand
3) The packages are color coded so you can quickly tell the difference between the ovulation tests and the pregnancy tests
4) The tests "develop" quickly and are very vibrant in color so there's no guesswork on the results

A suggestion to make this a 5 star product instead of a 4 star:
I suggest color coding the tips of the tests to easily differentiate between a pregnancy test and an ovulation test. Once you unwrap the tests, the only difference between the two types of tests is some small writing just to the side of the results window

Overall this is an awesome product I'll likely purchase again.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SimpleTaste Electric Milk Frother, Battery Powered

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I'm not quite sure what I did before this milk frother came into my life. I can whip up (literally) a batch of chocolate milk before the children start whining, it works great for scrambled eggs, and I can make coffee shop quality latte's right in my own kitchen. Also works great for mixing protein shakes and greens drinks. Doesn't take up much room on the counter and the batteries seem to last a long time without needing replacing. I love that it comes with batteries - this might just be the perfect gift for the hard to guy for person on your list.


Friday, November 25, 2016

5 Star Rated Watch!

Here's what I have to say about my fun new watch! Comfortable and stylish! Easy to read, set, (and clean)! Goes with any outfit. Suitable for men or women. It's just that nice size where it's not too huge for a woman to wear but not so tiny that a man might think it's dainty.


Monday, November 21, 2016

5 Star Product Review of Moni's Cozy Kitchen Kitchen Rules Glass Cutting Board by Moni's Cozy Kitchen

5 Star Product Review of Moni's Cozy Kitchen Kitchen Rules Glass Cutting Board
by Moni's Cozy Kitchen

This glass cutting board is super safe and I prefer using it instead of the wooden kind that can harbor germs. Not only that, but it's a nice size for food preparation as well as serving off of. My kids asked if daddy can put up some sort of holder so we can store it on the wall when not in use. I love the way it looks and all the great rules included on it. It's nice and solid though not terribly heavy. You can bet this will be getting a workout in 2 days when we have everyone over for thanksgiving!